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ABC Energy Savings LLC is a local NH company providing energy consulting on your complete home and building. Unlike, the insulation company just wanting you to add insulation or window companies just wanting to sell you windows.  ABC Energy Savings LLC  was founded in 2013 by Bob Eldredge, who has years of experience helping 100s of home and small business owners reduce their energy costs and have a more comfortable building.  Energy improvements are frequently funded by utility energy programs and other financial incentives, and the company works hard to make sure you get the rebates and other financial incentives.  Recommended energy improvements range from simple do it your-self to advanced projects like reducing the air flow through your home and utilizing solar panels to make your own electricity.   We do work closely with contractor partners to perform the work you’d like have done, or you can select your own and we can act as your liaison and oversee the work.


Is this your home?   Uncomfortable and Expensive?


Most homes in New England are not well built and not designed to keep the heat in your home during the winter and out during the summer.   Most homes do not meet today’s energy code – which by the way is the worst possible home you could legally build.  About 25% of heat loss is due to excess air flow through your home / building.   We work hard on analyzing the weaknesses of your home and to determine the most cost-effective ways to slow down the heat leaving your home and reduce the cold drafts.

It all starts with a comprehensive building energy analysis.   Through the utility programs, your cost is $100 and that is applied to the work when done.  We will advise on ways to reduce your energy purchasing costs and making your own energy with solutions like solar photovoltaic.

Solar site evaluations can be included, to provide you with a report about the feasibility and financials of installing solar to make your own electricty.  Financing is available and it's as easy as switching payments for electricty to a loan payment.

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