Financial Incentives

Renewable – Solar Electricity


The 26% Federal Tax Credit is ending soon.   Now is the time to invest in solar to make your own energy.  Special financing is available with no cash down payment at all to OWN a solar system.

MassSaves Energy Program


For MA NSTAR and National Grid customers – free home energy audit, FREE air sealing measures and 75% of insulation work paid for by program.   Other incentives available for heating systems and low interest loans.

Federal Tax Credits - Form 5695


10 percent of the cost of qualified energy-efficient improvements, up to $500.  Qualifying improvements include adding insulation, energy-efficient exterior windows and doors and certain roofs. The cost of installing these items does not count.  CHECK WITH IRS

Low Interest Financing


These energy loans are available depending on availability and which utility program you qualify for.  Rates range from 0% (up to $2,000) to 2%.  Home Equity Loans are an alternative, and check to see if interest is tax deductible.

ON HOLD 75% Instant Rebates for Weatherization


Through the NH utilities, upon qualification you can get instant rebates for 75% (up to $8,000) for approved energy improvements like insulation and air sealing measures.  LIMITED OFFER

ON HOLD Comprehensive Home Energy Audit for $100


Upon qualification into the NH energy program, you can get the audit for a co-pay of $100 ($500 value).   This provides a roadmap to the recommendations for energy savings.  And includes written report and proposal.