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blower door test to measure air infiltration rate
air sealing attic flat
blown in cellulose insulation over attic flat
   Blower Door      Air Sealing Measures
Cape Deep Energy RetroFit with closed cell spray foam
Spray Foam
Cape - Deep Energy Retrofit

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Learn how to use less energy, reduce your energy bills, reduce primary cause of ice dams, and have a more comfortable and healthy home.   With energy costs still increasing, it’s important to reduce your risks and costs, be able to afford to live in a comfortable home, and then hopefully you’ll have more money to spend on yourself and local businesses.


You can decrease your heating bills with Energy Conservation, like turn down your thermostat and wear more clothes (change of lifestyle and costs nothing) or with Energy Efficiency, like increase the insulation in your attic and basement (cost money but no change in lifestyle).  Slow down the heat lose, then less fuel used, which means more money in your pocket.

Most homes in New England allow way too much air flow through them.  Warm air flows right up into the attic and then pulls in cold air from the lower levels to replace it.  This gives a home that cold uncomfortable drafty feeling.  A blower door test will measure the air flow through your home and identify the major air leaks, and make sure your home is not sealed too tight.

Ice dams are caused by too much heat in the attic, and you are paying for it.  Heat transfers by air flow and through materials like insulation.  The snow melts, water flows, and then freezes at the edge.   The water backs up and flows down into your home.  Adequate attic ventilation is needed to dissipate any heat or moisture that does make it into your attic.

Energy Efficiency

Is using less energy without changing your life style.  Like add insulation to your attic and use less energy and keep the thermostat set as usual.   Use LED light bulbs instead of energy hog incandescent bulbs.

Energy Conservation

Normally free or very small cost, but you have to change your life style or behavior.   For some of us, that is difficult.  Like turn all lights off when you leave a room or use a clothes line instead of a dryer.  Turn the thermostat down in the winter and wear warmer cloths and constrain yourself with a Snuggle Body Wrap.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

There are a number of very simple and affordable improvements you can do yourself.   Like turn the domestic hot water down to 120 degrees, caulk all edges between window trim and walls, clean dryer exhaust piping, and more.   Attend a free Button Up NH workshop or learn during a home energy audit. 

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